Monday, May 10, 2010

Purgatory Smirgatory

The end of January I moved out.  Beginning of February I sought counceling only to clear My mind as to whether I was crazy for wanting more or not.  I learned I am not crazy.

Each day is a different emotion at different times of said day.  I've felt guilty, foolish, angry, happy, free at last. 

I've explained to daughter and son what I am....what I need.  They are both cool with it.

Free at last feels good.  I told the councelor that I dreaded starting over again.  She told Me she knew TONS (that's scary actually) of women who would die to know Me.  I laughed and said thank you, but I don't F'ing want to move all My crap and find a new place.  I've been looking at apartments lately...I've discovered that I need morning sun.  A place where I can sit and listen to relaxing music...have a cup or Two of coffee, and read the paper.  Admire the aquarium...etc.  Purgatory tonite doesn't feel so bad.

That's whats up with Mwa


PrettyGirl said...

Hugg tite,,,

nancy said...

Free at last and needing morning sun -- Two wonderful aspects of Your personality.
Somehow i feel sure that You'll find someone not too far away. It just takes time.